Health And Safety

The safety of our staff and the public in the areas in which we work is of the utmost importance to us and we take our responsibilities in this area extremely seriously.

Working in a safe manner is fundamental in the way we operate and value the importance and embrace legislation that ensures the health and safety of our employees, and others, by ensuring risks in a changing environment, are properly controlled and managed.

Behind an excellent health & safety record is a solid practice and procedure that is ingrained within the company’s working culture. A procedure that eradicates doubts and provides confidence for the working environment is a safe working environment for our sub-contractors, employees, residents & end-users.

The attitude of being inclusive rather than exclusive, proactive rather than reactive, practical rather than theoretical, are having an impact on people’s attitudes to safety, health and the environment.

We follow industry best practice guidelines for all areas of health and safety beginning with relevant training and provision of specialist equipment (when required) through to a thorough risk assessment and COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) assessment is made on each project and have internal audits as we are work towards ISO 9001 accreditation.


We have always demonstrated strong corporate and social values regarding the effect of the environment and remain true to that principles and our involvement with social housing takes place in the community and necessarily has a day to day impact on people living in or near the site.

In the pursuit of achieving carbon neutrality, we work closely in line with Waste Recycling Action Plan (WRAP) in specifying and promoting sustainable construction materials with recycled content. WRAP also sets the highest standards in waste measurement and waste management.

Working towards being ISO9001 accredited, our systems and procedures are underpinned by solid environmental best practice. This ensures we purchase (where possible) materials from sustainable sources, and use and promote recycled content and non-harmful materials, and that our supply chain can demonstrate a clear chain of custody. We also ensure that material used are ethically procured.

We continuously monitor our building and demolition waste, comparing our findings against national industry standards. We are working towards a average recycled material percentage of circa 68%, thanks our waste transfer partners who carefully isolate non-recyclable materials.

It is important at the start of the project to establish a waste management plan and review the contents regularly. This enables the team to review the effects of the procedures and decisions and seek more sustainable alternatives. Part of our Environmental training includes looking to minimize waste and conserve energy and water,

In terms of social responsibility, GMS are committed to growing communities and where possible will seek to contribute to the community sprit growth.


Our aim to produce the highest quality installation whilst being competitive in eh market. Long term quality is primary driven by establishing a management attitude that cares, teams of engineers who embrace what the project is attempting to achieving and continuously improving and a recovery plan that will cope when unexpected events occur.

We are committed to support the continuous growth and development of our most valuable resources, our people. Our company is built on their skills and dedication and therefore we make a significant investment in their development.

We recognize that motivated staff are staff that perform well at all times. We will provide training for all associates to ensure that they are able to achieve their key objectives. We also regularly assess the training needs of our associates through performance reviews and as a result we plan the training necessary to meet the future needs of the organisation.

We maintain a skilled and motivated workforce by providing an environment where people can develop to their full potential with opportunities for career progression.

Our comprehensive training and development policy means every associate receives a high standard of training from induction and safety training to specific skills training and performance appraisal. Those wishing to train in a specific external qualification are provided with assistance.

Part of the continuous improvement plan is to have clear objectives from the projects and measure both the progress against the plan and any lessons learnt.

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